FOUR products for truffle lovers

To suit all tastes and satisty even the most demanding palates we have created FOUR different product lines.

The FRESH line includes truffles dug according to the regional harvest seasons and delivered fresh, as the name suggests; the PRESERVED line consists of a wide range of products that let you savour the taste and smell of truffles every day of the year without compromising on quality and freshness;the line "mise en place" provides the opportunity for our customers to use the correct equipment for every moment which has truffles as the protagonist; Finally the line "gift ideas", for refined and delicious gifts to give in any occasion. 

I Freschi

Thanks to our extensive network of truffle hunters throughout the national territory, we guarantee daily fresh product which collected only oncen an order is placed by one of our customers.

This procedure allows our customers to have exclusive access to fresh produce since it is not possible to store the fresh product without it starting to age.


I Conservati

We have created a broad line of products based on high-quality truffles of Italian origin. We manufacture our products using the strictest hygienic and sanitary procedures in order to obtain an excellent result.


Mise en place

The line Mise en place - that we have created for you - consists of the equipment for cleaning and cutting of fresh truffle, a touch of class to the table that makes the tasting of our products even more special.


Idee regalo

The best way to treat someone else to an unforgettable, tasty and sophisticated time.