Our business has its roots in Alessandria and the hills around Asti and Alba, at the heart of the Piedmont region with its venerable gastronomic traditions and the world famous Alba White Truffle (Tartufo Bianco Pregiato d'Alba).

We work according to the highest quality standards in terms of order management, ensuring fast, safe, and convenient delivery to our consumers. Particular attention is paid to hygienic sanitary requirements of the European HACCP regulations.


Tagliatelle al tartufo
Tartufo bianco
Tartufo nero


Thanks to our extended network of Italian truffle hunters, we are able to procure the best quality products daily at the best rates. 

Our business model is founded on the daily and real time consultation of the truffle hunters who are in charge of picking fresh truffles accompanied by trained dogs, according to the ancient custom.

Boido Tartufi deals exclusively with fresh produce, picked on the day before and in Italy.



To complement the online sales channel, we also welcome our customers at our store and showroom in via San Giacomo della Vittoria 40, Alessandria.

Boido Tartufi

Via San Giacomo della Vittoria 40 - 15121 Alessandria
Tel: +39 345.6369039